do you consume energy and time to find out the European rules applicable to your product? We, the Krypto-cert team, already know the answer!.
Authorized representative
You want to sell in the European Union and you need an authorized representative? Krypto-cert - is solution!
The trusted partner is here
The trusted partner is here We offer complete services to obtain the CE mark, from the first evaluations to the certification and the drafting of the declaration of conformity

Laboratory testing is mandatory for marking products according to safety standards. Certified testing is required in accredited laboratories.

A statement of compliance can not be drawn up without the results of the laboratory tests.

The results of the laboratory tests should be positive, otherwise the product should be corrected to the standard and the laboratory reconsideration.

Each European directive is accompanied by a list of European standards.

Standard - technical or qualitative specification for products and services. Standards are developed by standardization organizations

Cenelec for standards in the field of electrotechnics

ETSI for telecommunication standards

CEN for standards in other sectors.

Compliance with standards gives credibility to the product and ensures compliance with public health and environmental safety rules.

Products that meet the standards become competitive for the market and credible to the buyer.

European directives are accompanied by relevant standards.

The standard for a product can be set by the manufacturer or by specialized consultants

 The European authorized representative of the manufacturer in the European Union is appointed in cases where the manufacturer of the product is not located in the territory of the EU countries.

If a company does not have a physical location within the EU, then the European Authorized Representative based in Europe acts as a liaison with the national authorities (supervisors) and the manufacturer.

Many manufacturers choose us as a European authorized representative for the following reasons:

        ·       our staff is well aware of European regulations

·       we are able to maintain a current copy of the technical documentation available for inspection by the competent European authorities

·       we have experience with EU oversight bodies

·       we, through the manufacturer's order, have the right to issue on our behalf and under our full responsibility the EU Declaration of Conformity - EC Declaration of Conformity for products covered by EU directives that determine CE marking on products, our Declaration of Conformity The EU is recognized throughout the European Union. union

·       In the event of an incident with products within the EU, we are involved in investigating the incident

·       we protect the confidentiality of your documentation. A European official is entitled to provide technical documentation (technical datasheets) only to the competent authorities in accordance with the requirements of the law.

·       we monitor the changes to EU harmonized technical legislation, which refer to the manufacturer's products, whose instructions fulfill the functions of authorized representative in the EU

1 Consulting

2 Product evaluation to identify the European Directive and standards

3 Laboratory tests

4 Drawing up the technical dossier

5 TIP certification if this is required by the Directive or goodwill certification if it is the manufacturer's wish

6 Drawing up the declaration of conformity

7 Marking the product with the CE marking


The Declaration of Conformity is a document that is submitted without hesitation to any control body that requests it.

EU requirements require the disclosure of a wide range of products (household and industrial products, personal products, electrical products, electronic and measuring devices, potentially explosive tools, elevators, radio and  telecommunication devices etc ...)

The declaration of conformity is drafted in one of the languages of the European Union and translated into the language of the country in which the product is made.

The declaration of conformity is signed by the manufacturer or his authorized representative.