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Inappropriate use of the CE marking implies sanctions 1) withdrawal from the European market of the non-compliant product 2) sanctioning the producer (as the case may be and other responsible factors)

Flagrant violations include criminal penalties.

   The body that detects misuse of the CE mark must notify the European Commission as well as the swap countries and initiate the procedure to withdraw the product from the market.

The products marked CE indicate that the manufacturer has passed all the conformity assessment steps of the product respecting Durectives and standards before placing the product on the market in order to protect life and health consumers as well as the safety of the environment.


Products may only be marketed after evaluation in accordance with the requirements of the European Directives and Regulations.


The obligation of CE marking is extended to a wide range of products. The conformity of products is certified by the Declaration of Conformity.


The CE marking can be applied according to the technical regulations, following the preparation of the technical dossier and the compliance assessment steps.


The CE marking shall be affixed to the packaging and, where appropriate, to the product, in a visible and accessible place, both on the accompanying documents.

The product categories requiring the CE marking are as follows:

·       Toys

·       Electrical installations

·       Machinery and equipment

·       Medical devices

·       Lifts

·       Personal protective equipment


All these product categories are covered by the European Directives


There are other markings and directives that regulate the safety of products placed on the European market (GPSD, ATEX, RoHS, REACH, etc.)










Compliance with harmonized standards ensures the presumption of product conformity.


European directives contain harmonized standards that are required to be respected.