do you consume energy and time to find out the European rules applicable to your product? We, the Krypto-cert team, already know the answer!.
Authorized representative
You want to sell in the European Union and you need an authorized representative? Krypto-cert - is solution!
The trusted partner is here
The trusted partner is here We offer complete services to obtain the CE mark, from the first evaluations to the certification and the drafting of the declaration of conformity

Our experience in working with manufacturers has found that the most frequently encountered problems are:

• Identify the directives under which the product enters the product  

• Establishing the type of product conformity assessment

• Establishment of the evaluation module

• Location of the appropriate accredited body or laboratory

• Last but not least, financial optimization issues of EC type certification procedures


For any of the situations listed above and beyond, our team will be at your disposal with at least one solution that suits your product.